Frequent Asked Questions

Uthhan Information

Uthhan is a social initiative of Golden Era Royal Group (GERG) along with different artisan Organisations for empowering underprivileged artisans across the globe

Traditional artisans are a community that is exploited financially even after possessing a rare talent of creating artifacts in a different type of materials. The artisan community is the third largest population in India. They are in financial agony and underprivileged in all the segments since modern level trends in artifacts are an alien territory for the traditional artisans. Hence they lack the knowledge to change as per the modern day methodologies thereby getting exploited by Multinational giants in the retail segment, who acts as a middle man. They have ended up losing job respect and financial stability. The younger generation of artisans are reluctant to take up their hereditary job and started their career in different fields. Uthhan will be the first initiative in India where profit from artifact sales goes directly to artisan families without any middlemen through our platform. We will market their products through our outlets and online platforms and 95% of the profit from the sales will be directly given to the artisans through their Uthhan bank account thereby ensuring financial stability and job respect.


We do accept almost all the Payments. We do have Payments options such as UPI, Online Transfer, Bank Transfer.

Once you successfully ordered the products from us, you will get Email confirmation.

Orders & Returns

Our return policy is depends and varies with different products. You can return the product bought on Uthhan within 7-days of delivery.

If you are an Artisan, Uthhan is right platform to you to sell your handicrafts to the customers. You can contact through Phone and as well as Email also.